VoIP Consulting Services in Sacramento
Virtual Office, Small Business Phone System in Sacramento

VoIP Consulting Services

iSave Telecom provides telecommunication expertise to all-size companies. We understand that each company is different and unique. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of services that include analysis of your telecommunications needs (now and in future), alternatives and implementation of cost-effective telecommunications solutions.

Our specialists at isavetelecom have many years of experience in telecommunications and VoIP technology. We will develop a strategic telecom plan that's right for you.

Recent marketing studies show that most businesses spend more than they should on telecom - up to 35% or more!
We will improve your budget. Being telecom experts, we will give you independent and objective advice for all your telecomunications needs!

iSave Telecom offers following VoIP consulting services in Sacramento, CA and nation-wide:

  • Seamless migration from plain old telephone network (PSTN) to a next generation voice-over-ip (VoIP) network
  • Assistance in design and implementation of IP based office telephone station (PBX)
  • Consulting on all aspects of open source PBX solutions such as Asterisk and FreeSwitch Installation and setup of IP PBX systems
  • Consulting on network traffic management devices, traffic shaping and QoS (Quality of Service) hardware and software with VoIP traffic handling capabilities
  • Solutions for call centers
  • Mass deployment of IP phones, ATA devices, digital and analog VoIP gateways
  • Custom telephony applications such as payment systems, customer tracking and voting applications for TV and radio stations