Business Phone Lines in Sacramento Area

Business and Residential Wireless
Internet in Sacramento Area

Wireless Internet Service

In early 2010 iSave Telecom started providing Wireless Internet Services to residential and business customers in Sacramento and surrounding areas. We provide work and family safe Internet connection.

iSave Telecom delivers Internet over the air by utilizing latest technology available on the market. We are constantly expanding our coverage area. Fill out the contact form to check if your area is already covered or get a notification when our service is available in your neighborhood.

Wireless Internet for Business

  • Ability to block access to social websites
  • Cost-effective plans
  • No contracts
  • Professional Installation
  • Share Internet connection with
    all computers in the office

Wireless Internet for Residential

  • Family-safe Internet connection
  • No contract
  • Professional Installation
  • Share Internet connection with
    all your computers at home


iSave Telecom is using the latest technology available on the market for delivering its quality services to customers. In order to provide Internet connection to customer premises we installing a small Point-To-Multipoint antenna on a roof/side of the building or window, using a suction cap. The cable running from this antenna is a standard networking cable that you can plug into any computer or router.

Prior to installation our trained technicians will visit your place free of charge to check if your location is serviceable.